Here is a selection of work from my courses in the Visualization Sciences program at Texas A&M University. Click the course title to go to the course homepage, or click on the "more" link to access more of my work from the course. Alternatively, visit this link to view my Viz website.

Visualization Masters Thesis

A year in the making, finally complete. The crowning achievement of my scholastic work.

VIZA 685 - Directed Studies - Spring 2009

Working towards a graphical style for my thesis project, I took a directed study course with Professor Dick Davison. We studied the artwork of Charles Burchfield, J.M.W. Turner, Albert Bierstadt, the Prince of Egypt concept art, Lebbeus Woods, and Hugh Ferriss, among others. The final project involved created images for the different locations in the game, based on the two themes I focused on: Romanticism/Sublime, and Futurism/Reconstruction.


VIZA 615 - Computer Animation - Spring 2009

This course covered modeling, rigging, and animation of a realistic 3D animal. Each student chose an animal to study for the duration of the class; I chose the greyhound. The course began with 2D animation studies, moving on to anatomical sketches and a basic 3D model that was refined incrementally. Rigs were generated using either Python or MEL scripts that we wrote for the class.

Greyhound Run Cycle


VIZA 643 - Videography - Fall 2008

In this course, we studied the principles of filmmaking and cinematography, everything from storyboards to post-production.

Final Project Page

VIZA 658 - Generative Art - Fall 2008

In this course, we explored a variety of generative techniques, including genetic algorithms, fractals and L-systems, cellular automata, and pattern creation. My final project combined a flocking system with a catastrophe theory based simulation of animals in a fight or flight response.


VIZA 654 - The Digital Image - Fall 2008

This course taught us digital image manipulation techniques, including filtering, anti-aliasing, warps, reading and writing files, using OpenGL and C/C++. For my final project, I created a program that would read in an image and let you draw using the pixels of that image, in scanline order.


VIZA 627 - Summer Industry Course - Summer 2008 (Dreamworks)

In this course, we worked in teams of 5 to complete a 30 second animation based on a premise given to us by Dreamworks Animation, with their guidance throughout the process. I was lead lighter and surfacer for my team.

See the Video (Quicktime)

CPSC 489 - Computer Game Development - Spring 2008

The class of about 30 students worked as a team to create a game based on ARC. We focused on implementation more than original gameplay. Our art theme was "steampunk", featuring original character design. I worked on concept art and texturing.

VIZA 616 - Rendering and Shading - Spring 2008

This course covered Renderman shaders in Maya, RIB files, and the Renderman Shading Language.

Download Dragon skin shader and source code.

VIZA 613 - 3D Modeling and Animation - Fall 2007

This course covered the basics of 3D modeling, lighting, texturing and rigging in Maya. Renders were done using Maya Software and Mental Ray.